Waiting for an element to stop moving

Waiting for an element to stop moving

Sometimes with Selenium and libraries or frameworks that use it, we need to wait for an element to stop moving before attempting to click on it (to not enconter StaleElementReferenceExceptions, for example). One approach to wait for the element to stop moving is to query it's location and check this twice, with a small sleep between the calls. If the location of the element is the same both times, then we can consider the element to have stopped moving.

The most appropriate way to implement this will differ with languages and libraries, but WebDriverIO provides a nice way to encapsulate this with Custom Commands

      function () {
          () => {
            let initialLocation = this.getLocation();
            let initialX = initialLocation.x;
            let initialY = initialLocation.y;
            let finalLocation = this.getLocation();
            let finalX = finalLocation.x;
            let finalY = finalLocation.y;
            return initialX === finalX && initialY === finalY;
            timeout: 5000,
            timeoutMsg: "expected element to have stopped moving",

If we add the custom command to before in the wdio.config.js

   * Gets executed before test execution begins. At this point you can access to all global
   * variables like `browser`. It is the perfect place to define custom commands.
   * @param {Array.<Object>} capabilities list of capabilities details
   * @param {Array.<String>} specs List of spec file paths that are to be run
  before: function (capabilities, specs) {

We can then call the custom command quite simply before clicking the element


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